Tuesday, July 25, 2017

First Stops

Jo Jones

The first picture is of Pouerto Limon in Costa Rica.  I just took a walk around town.  Visited the local market and found my pair of Costa Rice earrings.
Two more are of the trip through the Panama Canal.  The last one is Pamana City or the skycap the Canal built according to Barbara our Location Guide.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Cooking in Color in Sir Lanka

These are pictures from the cooking class I took in Sir Lanka. We cooked at the house of the lady in the photo. We made several kinds of curry. The two in the photos are beet curry and cabbage curry. There was a vegetable curry with mostly eggplant and a chicken curry. All had tons of spices in them and went great with the rice we also cooked. For dessert we had curd (Buffalo Curd) with honey. It was very good. Everything but the curd I can do when I get home. My spices may be different so the curry will be slightly different. Sir Lanka curry is one of the best I have eaten.

We cooked in the big clay pots you see in the photos. She had gas burners under them. The picture with the stones shows the appetizer we had before the meal.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016


We were greater with some really beautiful dances when we arrived in Bali. Many of our crew are from Bali and they got to spend time with their families. A nice day all around.

Townsville Australia

We got caught on the edge of a storm leaving Sydney and could not get into Mooloolaba. Instead we docked at Townsville and had a very nice day. They had the biggest aquarium with only natural living coral based on the Great Barrier Reef. While it was not really big it was very nice and everything in each exhibit was natural and living. We cruised the Great Barrier Reef after leaving and while we did not see much we did see a few atolls like the one in the photo.

Cairns Australia

It was very hot in both Cairns and Darwin and I did not last long in either. I did get a photo of the alligator and his friend. I wanted to go to the small wildlife park at the top of the casino but ran out of energy before I made it there..


I watch this combination of boat for our two days in Vietnam. It flat one looked like a drilling platform. The lowered something through the center and pulled it up. The other one stayed right with them. They had a small round wicker boat that they used to come and go from the shore. You can see it at the back of the boat.